Coronavirus Pandemic: Covid-19 cases on the rise again in China

China Coronavirus Outbreak:

New cases of coronavirus are on the rise again in China. Recently, the Chinese government had claimed to have brought about a big reduction in the cases of coronavirus under the Zero Covid policy. But Covid-19 cases are increasing in China once again. 

In the last 24 hours, 275 new cases of coronavirus have been found in China. Of these, 134 asymptomatic and 141 symptomatic Covid-19 patients have been found. According to the National Health Commission of China, 210 cases of coronavirus were found a day earlier.

6158 people under quarantine in Beijing

Even in the Chinese capital Beijing, the coronavirus pandemic is gathering strength. Here people are being quarantined if they get even mild Covid-19 symptoms. Here 115 people were found infected with coronavirus, while 6,158 people have been quarantined after getting mild Covid-19 symptoms.


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