Coronavirus Guidelines: What are rules of isolation, quarantine for Covid-19 patients? Know details here

Coronavirus Guidelines:

Coronavirus cases in India are once again on the rise. In the last few days alone, more than 8 thousand Covid-19 cases are being seen daily, which has increased people’s anxiety. 

On the other hand, the scientists of IIT are pointing out the possibility that after June 22, the cases may increase further. In view of increasing cases, people have also started gathering information regarding Covid-19 treatment and protocol. 

What are the rules of quarantine or isolation if the coronavirus test is positive? How many days will it take to stay isolated in case of Covid-19 infection and when will the patient have to be hospitalized? Let us know these crucial details.

Mild cases

– According to the revised discharge policy, in mild cases, patients have to stay in a Covid-19 care facility or in home isolation.

– During this time you have to do regular monitoring.

– 7 days after coming positive in corona test, the patient can be freed from covid care or home isolation.

– It must be kept in mind that if the Covid-19 patient has no fever after 3 days, then there is no need for a re-examination before discharge.

Moderate cases

– In such cases the patient has to be admitted to a dedicated Covid-19 hospital. If the oxygen level is less than 93 or the symptoms are severe then the treatment will be done in the hospital.

– Symptoms are cured and oxygen level is more than 93% for three days without any oxygen support. So the patient can be discharged after the permission of the doctor.

– There is no need to check again.

Critical cases

– Serious patients or immunocompromised patients such as malignancy, HIV patients and transplant patients will be admitted to coronavirus hospitals.

– They will be treated until they have a complete clinical recovery and after that the doctor gives permission to take them home.

Other Union Health Ministry guidelines

Some other Covid-19 guidelines have also been issued by the Union Ministry of Health. Recovery from coronavirus and discharge from hospital is advised to self-monitor for 7 days. Everyone is advised to wear a mask. If anyone has fever, cough, sore throat or any other problem, contact the doctor immediately.


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