'Conflict among faiths futile, why look for Shivling in every Mosque': RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

New Delhi: 

Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh supremo Mohan Bhagwat has called for a solution through mutual agreement over the ongoing Gyanvapi row. Bhagwat said it is futile to raise buried matters from the dead which have been long gone.

He said that we shouldn’t bring out new matter daily. There is no point escalating the dispute. 

“We had special devotion towards places of woeship and we spoke about them but we shouldn’t bring out a new matter daily. Why should we escalate the matter? We have devotion towards Gyanvapi and doing something as per that, it’s alright. But why look for a Shivling in every masjid?” said the chief of the RSS.

Neither today’s Hindus nor today’s Muslims are responsible for the creation of history. The desecration of ‘Devsthans’ was an act to demoralize the ones vouching for India’s independence at the time. 

“Gyanvapi matter is ongoing. We cannot change history. Neither today’s Hindus nor today’s Muslims created it. It happened in the past. Islam came from outside via invaders. In the attacks, Devsthans were demolished to devastate the morale of those who wanted India’s independence,” he said.

The ancestors of today’s Muslims were ancestors too who were forced to convert or die by the invaders.

“Issues were raised over sites in which Hindus have a special devotion. Hindus don’t think against Muslims. The ancestors of today’s Muslims were Hindus too. It was done to keep them far from independence and suppress their morale. So Hindus feel they (religious places) should be restored,” said Bhagwat at an event in Nagpur.

The conflict among faiths is futile. A path of mutual agreement should be reached

“If there are issues in mind, it will rise. It is not against anyone…Find out a path through mutual agreement…If a path does not always come out, people approach court, and if it is done then whatever the court decides should be accepted. We should abide by the decisions, considering our judicial system pious and supreme. We should not question its decisions,” he said.

People who practice various forms of non-Hindu traditions of worships have also descended from Rishi-Munis. Our ancestors are the same.

“We have nothing against any form of worship; we accept them all and consider them holy. They may have adopted other forms of worship, but they have been descendants of our Rishis, Munis, Kshatriyas. We are descendants of the same ancestors,” he said.


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