CNG home delivery to begin soon, know details

New Delhi: CNG Home Delivery: 

Implementation of energy distribution ‘Fuel Delivery’ has entered into an agreement with Mahanagar Gas Limited in Mumbai. Under this agreement, you will now receive CNG in your home with a single call.

CNG Home Delivery:

Do you have a CNG Vehicle? If so you will be standing in line for hours at CNG to fill up. In that case, the news will give you relief. Yes, people will soon be able to find CNG at their doorstep in the country’s economic capital Mumbai.

CNG mobile channels will be unlocked

The start of the power distribution ‘Fuel Delivery’ has signed a Letter of Interest (LOI) with Mahanagar Gas Limited, which will establish CNG mobile stations in the city (Mobile CNG Station).

Oil to be brought to the door

With the help of CNG mobile channels, fuel (CNG Delivery) will be delivered to customers at their doorstep. In a statement released by The Fuel Delivery, the program said it would be available 24 hours a day (24×7). With this, the fuel requirements of CNG-run auto rickshaws, cables, cars and commercial vehicles, school buses and other vehicles will be met.

Long lines removed

With the launch of this service, customers will not have to wait in long lines to receive CNG. The start was approved by MGL (Mahanagar Gas Limited) to operate two CNG mobile channels in Mumbai. The service will start in Zion and Mahape in Mumbai in the next three months.

Following this, the service will gradually be expanded to other parts of the city. Rakshit Mathur, Founder and CEO, Fuel Delivery said, “After successfully delivering door-to-door diesel across the country, we are taking a step forward by announcing CNG delivery at the door.”


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