Chinese activity near Ladakh is "eye-opening": US General

New Delhi: 

A top US general has said that Chinese activity near Ladakh is “eye-opening” and the construction of some infrastructure is dangerous.

General Charles A. Flynn, Commanding General, U.S. Army Pacific, described it as “unstable and corrosive behavior” by China, as he talked about building Chinese infrastructure along the Himalayan border.

The general overseeing the Asia-Pacific region told a select group of journalists, “I believe that the level of activity is eye-opening. Dangerous. And much more, like all their military arsenals, one has to ask, why? “

General Flynn said, “China’s assumption of an incremental and insidious path, and volatile and corrosive behavior in the region is simply not helpful. I think it’s worthwhile for us to work together for some of the corrosive and corrupt practices that the Chinese perform.”

India and the US are set to conduct high-altitude training missions at an altitude of 9,000-10,000 feet in the Himalayas this October as part of a war games exercise. The location has not been specified. After this, the Indian Army will conduct training in Alaska in conducting military operations in severe cold weather.

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Exercises are for extremely high-level joint operations in high-altitude combat areas.

This includes sharing information based on new technology, Air Force assets, air strikes, logistics and real-time. 

“These are invaluable opportunities that the Indian Army and the US military can take advantage of,” General Flynn said.

In January, satellite images showed a Chinese bridge being built across

Lake Pangong

Lake Pangong

, a major infrastructure construction that has profound military implications for the Indian Army, which is heavily deployed in the area. .

The Chinese have significantly upgraded and expanded their airspace and road infrastructure, posing a direct threat to India across the Himalayan border.

Despite more than a dozen rounds of military talks, the Chinese have not retreated from the many areas they have illegally occupied after violating the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh.

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