China builds naval base in Cambodia, gives big shock to India, US

Phnom Penh (Cambodia):

China is trying hard to become a superpower. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China is now building a naval base in Cambodia. 

According to The Washington Post, the Chinese military presence will now increase in the Gulf of Thailand, north of Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base.

China has set up its outpost to boost its strength in the Indo-Pacific region. This is the second military base of China. 

Earlier, China had built a naval base in the east African country of Djibouti. It is now the only other foreign military base of China. This will expand China’s military power in the Indo-Pacific region.

1) Despite all the opposition from the US, China is trying to establish its dominance in the Indo-Pacific region. Regarding the Indo-Pacific region, for the last many years many countries including USA, India, Australia, Japan have been lobbying to leave it open. 

However, China is trying to gain a foothold in the Indo-Pacific region by ignoring the concerns and warnings of all these countries. Significantly, China is constantly trying to expand its military bases around the world. China, after funding the economically weaker countries, infiltrates them and then gradually builds its military bases there.

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2) This is a warning bell for India. He said that this new Chinese military base built in Cambodia is just 1,200 kilometers from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India. Chinese naval or warships can easily reach the Bay of Bengal from here. China is also trying to register its presence in Myanmar by sea. With the help of this military base, China will be able to monitor the movements of both the Indian and American armies.

3) China can also keep an eye on the US military from its new military base. This is part of the strategy to make China’s military power the best global power in the world. He said that after the formation of the



, China has become more active in the Indo-Pacific region. China’s new military base should be seen as a link to this. Apparently, China’s move would have raised concerns in the US.

What does the report say?

The report states that a Beijing official has confirmed that a Chinese military base has been set up. The Chinese military has denied that it will use any part of the base for its own use, but will make special use of it. The official further said that this area will also be used by the scientists there. China signed a secret agreement with Cambodia three years ago. 

With the construction of this military base in Cambodia, China will be able to assert its dominance over the maritime areas of Southeast Asian countries. According to the report, a Western official said that according to our estimates, the Indo-Pacific region is very important for China. The Chinese government considers

the Indo-Pacific region

as part of its jurisdiction.


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