Cheryl Burke Confesses She's 'Never Had an Orgasm Before' During Sex With Previous Partners

Cheryl Burke admits that she’s never reached the “big O” with the help of a partner during intercourse.

During the newest episode of her podcast “Burke in the Game,” the professional dancer spoke to sex therapist Miss Jayla about her previous experiences with intimacy.

“[There’s something] I wanted to confess, since this is about my experience and I always say I’m an open book with you guys,” the “Dancing With the Stars” pro began. “What I was going to [say to her] was I’ve never really had an orgasm before when it comes to intercourse.”

Before continuing her sentiments, Burke clarified that she didn’t want her confessions to badly reflect “on any partner I’ve been with.”

“I think the reason I didn’t want to say it [at the time] was because I didn’t want to hurt anyone. But that has nothing to do with the person, it has everything to do with me and my shame and my child abuse and my vulnerability,” she reflected.

Cheryl explained that she decided to get candid about her experiences in an effort to be completely transparent with her followers, “I just wanted to say that because it didn’t feel good inside that I was hiding that from you guys.”

The 38-year-old also previously got candid about how her sex life has been faring while going through the divorce process with her estranged husband Matthew Lawrence.

While teasing her previous podcast episode, Burke captioned her promotional video on Instagram, “When you are about to interview a sex therapist today on the ‘Burke in the Game’ podcast and realize you haven’t had sex since 2021.”

The professional dancer discussed her complicated love life and relationship with sex in her new episode.

“I always had a shame [around sex]. I understand what you are saying when there’s a lot of shame [behind those conversations]. There’s a lot of guilt, like, ‘Why do I think like this? Why am I turned on by watching other people have sex?'” she asked.

“It is difficult conversations to have especially now. I never really had a lot of conversations about that with my ex-husband. I never really thought of having a conversation.”

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