Buckhead Shore Cast On How Show Compares to OG Series & Spinoffs, Reveals Who Is the Biggest Pot-Stirrer (Exclusive)

Watch out, “Jersey Shore,” there’s a new “Shore” reality series on the block — “Buckhead Shore” — and these nine friends are ready to give the world an inside look into their “buckin’ wild” summers at the lake.

Per MTV, “Buckhead Shore” “follows a group of longtime friends and former flames making a name for themselves in Atlanta’s ‘Beverly Hills of the South'” and as the gang heads to the lake “for their annual summer getaway, it’s time for wild fun, high drama hook-ups, and maybe even a few broken hearts.”

In an interview with TooFab, the cast — JuJu Barney, Katie Canham, Savannah Gabriel, Adamo Giraldo, Parker Lipman, Bethania Locke, Pat Muresan, Chelsea Prescott and DJ Simmons — opened up about how “Buckhead Shore” compares to the OG series as well as the spinoffs, and shared what makes their show stand out from its predecessors.

The group also revealed who is the biggest pot-stirrer in the lake house, how their family feels about being featured, what fans can expect to see on the series and more.

Check out the full Q&A, below!

First off, how would you say you compare to the OG series? What makes “Buckhead Shore” different and stand out from it as well as the other spinoffs?

Bethania: First and foremost, we’re a friend group. So starting out with this show, it’s not random people in a house, it’s all people who’ve known each other for years, and you’re gonna see, like, our lives in Buckhead, and our life when we go into the lake house for the summer. So it’s kind of a mixture of, like, both the city and the lake life. I don’t know. It’s very different. It’s a different format, but it’s good.

Parker: And this is also something we’ve done collectively as a group for the last 10 years. And somehow some way, every time we go up some type of drama unfolds and just this time around the production captured it. So I think it’s gonna be great.

You guys were all friends before the show, some of you are longtime friends. How and when did you all first meet?

Bethania: Yeah, I mean, I’ve known Pat, DJ and Parker since I was in, like, middle school. So we’ve grown up partying together for a while.

DJ: Like 13 years. … I met Parker, I actually was special needs. I had a learning disability. I don’t know if I really had that, but they labeled me as that because I had no math and we had detention, me and Parker was in there and I was like, “Why you in here?” … Parker did something crazy. I don’t know what he did — something with a cooler in his trunk — we became best friends. He invited me to his birthday party. It was, like, the craziest thing ever. I was like, “Dude, who the hell are you?”

Pat: That was in, like, fifth grade.

Katie: And the rest is history.

In the premiere episode, right off the bat, it’s clear that there are some big personalities within the group. Who would say has the biggest personality? Who is the biggest pot-stirrer and causes the most drama? Is it Parker’s dog, Babe?

Adamo: I would say the boys are the biggest pot-stirrers, for sure.

Kate: The boys!

Adamo: The boys are worse than the girls.

Savannah: Not the girls, the boys.

Bethania: Definitely, the boys.

DJ: The girls are the loudest voice in the room.

Parker: Babe is part of the girls!

Adamo: The boys woke up and chose violence every day, every chance they got.

For someone who isn’t familiar with Buckhead, Georgia, how would you describe it?

JuJu: Culture.

Adamo: Flashing lights, fashion, designer, gold chains.

Parker: The best way to put it is, I guess, Buckhead is almost like the Beverly Hills of Atlanta. I guess that’s the best way to put it. I don’t really know how else to.

Pat: I mean, it’s a bunch of partying, a bunch of money. It’s just, you know, it’s just, like, lifestyle, nightlife, you know, Buckhead. It’s just what Buckhead is to me.

JuJu: Buckhead is just nightlife.

Pat: There’s always something going on. There’s brunch every day of the week and people drinking and people partying, nighttime … Magic City on Mondays. Like, there’s just always something to do.

JuJu: Always.

The trailer for the show teased a lot of drama — what can fans expect to see from “Buckhead Shore?”

DJ: I would say love, breakups, lust, prosperity. I would say, heartbreak, and I would say [get ready] for June 23rd because there’s a whole bunch of s— that’s going down that we didn’t even expect ourselves. We signed up for something we didn’t even know, but we signed up as best friends and we are so all close friends, but this s— is f—ed up, or bucked up as they will say.

DJ, what is “sexual poetry?” Can you describe that?

DJ: It’s an inner, outer body experience.

Pat: By the way, DJ came with this in the car.

DJ: I’ve never done this in my life.

Pat: He has never brought this up to me [until] on the way to the lake, we’re in the car and he just started talking about sexual poetry and I’m like, “Dude, I thought you’re a songwriter. Like, what are you doing now?” And he’s like, “No, this is, like, a new thing.” And it just became a thing. And then the whole summer we’re, like, sexual poetry, but he’s funny like that. He just comes up with funny things.

DJ: It’s an inner, outer body experience. I embraced it and I ran with it.

Pat: Now you’re known for it.

The trailer for the season showed how viewers will get to learn a bit about some of your home and family lives. How did your families feel about being a part of the show? And how did your family feel about you all being on the show to begin with?

JuJu: They were excited. They were just happy for me to get out of the house and do anything besides, you know, be at the club all day. My mom was so excited to be on TV.

Katie: I do think that makes us more unique that, you know, we’re able to open up about everything that’s happened in our lives, not just us partying in Buckhead. Like, we all have a story and I feel like we do a good job showing that.

Bethania: And you get to see, like, our family dynamics. It’s better to kind of understand why we are the way we are and how we move. So it gives a better background, I think, of everyone.

Adamo: I think everyone’s parents [were] a little skeptical at first being that we’re all in our twenties and we’re like, “Hey, we’re doing a TV show for MTV.” It’s like, “Okay, what TV show?”

Pat: I think my mom had a heart attack every time they put a mic on her. Like, my mom is from a different country and speaks, like, broken English. Like, you guys know my mom and she’s so nervous to even talk ever — without cameras, just in general. So just, like, whenever [she was] in front of the cameras, she’s just like, “I can’t believe you really signed me [up for this.]”

DJ: My mom never knew what the hell was coming outta my mouth.

Parker: For Katie too. I mean, Katie — we’ve been kind of on-and-off for the last four years — and she’s been taken in [by] my mom as, like, almost like a daughter because Katie’s mom tragically passed away. So her being kind of, like, my ex-girlfriend and my mom loving her is always kind of, you gotta see that, like, kind of that struggle.

It seems like it’s a great balance between the craziness and you having more of the serious stuff going on … it’s refreshing.

DJ: I think a misconception with all of us is, like, we all come from money, but we all come from like, you know, an alternative problem that we dealt with in our lives, that brought us here. And we all, you know, on, on a daily basis, struggle with that.

That’s much more relatable to fans as well.

Pat: We all have real lives, you know, I mean … party and money and this and that, but we all have like real life and you know, our own battles and family problems, whatever, breakups, everything. So, I mean, we’re real, you know, everyone has, you know, issues in their life.

“Buckhead Shore” premieres Thursday at 9 pm ET on MTV.

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