BTS: Jimin's emotional letter to ARMY is all hearts; says 'thank you, I'm sorry, I love you'

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BTS’ band member Jimin penned an emotional post for ARMY. The singer had been inactive on social media for quite some time now. The post followed the band’s live performance of their album Proof with Silk Sonic’s Anderson Paak. In his post, Jimin apologised for always making fans wait, and also expressed his love for ARMY.

He wrote, “ARMY it’s our 9th anniversary. It’s the day BTS was born and it’s a precious day to meet you for the first time I’m so glad to see you on such a precious day. I have a lot of things to say and a lot of emotions to express. As the year goes by, it’s the same words. Thank you, Sorry, I love you,  seems like these simple words, but it is getting heavier. But these are the only words that I can express in words.

Whenever we have a concert, you always rush and come to see us. Thank you for letting me see you when I miss you. We always make you wait too much. I’m sorry that our return is smaller than your support.”

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He further thanked ARMY for always being by his side. “I felt that time is so transparent and went by so quickly. Looking back the road we walked, I think we felt a lot of things together.” Jimin also said that he looked forward to the future memories that they would make together. “We want to be with you as long as possible. We’ll pay you back with better performances.”

Jimin concluded the letter thanking fans yet again. “Thank you for always loving our music, our performances and also us from the bottom of my heart.”


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