Brody Jenner Was 'Stoked' The Hills New Beginnings Got Canceled, Says Cast Was Misled

Fans of “The Hills: New Beginnings” may still be bummed that MTV pulled the plug on the revival after only two seasons back in January, but cast-member Brody Jenner said he was actually pretty “stoked” when it happened.

“To be honest, yeah. It just wasn’t the same experience. It was very stressful,” he told People on Tuesday. “There was a lot of manipulation involved. It was just a lot.”

He also suggested that the cast was sold one version of the show when it was initially pitched to them to come back, but things then took a big turn which left him with a sour feeling.

“They had told us in the beginning that, ‘Hey, we’re going to do a new ‘Hills,’ and we want you guys to be on, but we’re going to hire a new, younger cast,'” Jenner shared.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s what MTV says they’re now doing in a new reboot of the show, this time set to feature a new and more diverse cast. But according to Jenner, that cast was supposed to co-exist alongside the OG gang.

“I was like, ‘Oh, that’s great.’ They’re going to hire a new, younger cast,” Jenner said. “‘You guys will come in as the OGs. It’s not going to be focused and centered around you guys.'”

Obviously, as fans of the show know, that’s not how things went at all as the new show was absolutely and only focused on the original cast-members that returned and their merry band of dysfunctional friends — if we can use that word.

Jenner went so far as to say that the cast had even helped MTV out with the younger cast idea by suggesting “a bunch of different younger people, but the network wasn’t interested. MTV did not respond to People’s request for comment on Jenner’s claims.

Jenner said that “there was so much pressure” on the OG cast to drive storylines. “I’m like, ‘Dude, I’m f—— 37 years old,” Jenner said. “I don’t go out to nightclubs every night and go hunting for chicks in nightclubs. That’s just not me anymore.”

That’s why he and the rest of the cast were hopeful that they’d be joined by new, fresh, younger faces. Does that mean they’ll tune in to the new reboot that will only be those younger faces?

While we don’t know the answer to that, we do know that Jenner is looking forward to tuning in to his own younger face, alongside the rest of the OG gang, as part of a new project.

Jenner is partnering with Audrina Patridge and Frankie Delgado to launch “Was It Real? The Hills Rewatch” podcast, premiering with two episodes on July 12. Fans may recall that the show was famously pseudo-real at best before that kind of became the industry standard for reality television.

More than just a rehashing of old episodes, the crew is promising new insights and behind-the-scenes stories. And they’ll be joined by fellow cast members, producers and other celebrity fans along the way as they hope to navigate through all six seasons.

Don’t look for seasons “seven” and “eight,” though. Jenner says they have no intention of exploring “New Beginnings.” “We don’t need to talk about the new seasons,” he told People. “That s— was so whack!”

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