Britney Spears' Ex Will Face Trial for Felony Stalking After Crashing Her Wedding

Jason Alexander’s legal troubles continue to mount after his failed attempt to crash Britney Spears’ wedding. Now, according to the Associated Press, the pop star’s ex-husband is heading to trial.

A California judge on Monday ruled that there was enough evidence surrounding his felony stalking charge to warrant his case going to trial. Alexander was arrested at Spears’ house on the day of her wedding after gaining access.

Her childhood friend, Spears and Alexander were married for just three days back in 2004. As she was preparing to marry fiancé Sam Asghari earlier this month, Alexander made his way into her home and purportedly even tried to gain access to the bedroom she was in, per TMZ.

That detail came out during the same preliminary hearing that told the judge there was enough meat on this case for trial. According to a guard who’s since been fired, Alexander tried to get into the room only to find the door locked.

The security guard also testified that Alexander had attempted to gain access to the house and property multiple times leading up to the June 9 nuptials, including the day before, despite being told to stay away.

On the day of the wedding, Anderson was armed with a knife, per police, and demanding that he needed to see the bride-to-be. There is no indication what his intentions were. An attorney for Alexander entered please of not guilty for all charges, including  the felony stalking charge, as well as vandalism, trespassing, and battery.

While Alexander remains in custody after the incident, Spears was granted a three-year restraining order against him. His bail is set at $100,000. His attorney argued there is no evidence he intended to harm Spears.

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