Billie Eilish Faces Tough Questions or Gross Foods -- Will She Reveal Which Famous Person She Kissed?

In a vegan UK twist on James Corden’s “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,” redubbed “Spill the Tea,” Billie Eilish got to face made-up concoctions that were vegan-friendly but otherwise quite awful.

These weren’t foreign delicacies that might not sit well with her American palette. These were laboratory monstrosities that had no right existing in any nation or on any plate … and certainly not going down the gullet.

Nevertheless, these are the items she and James had to face in a round of three questions each to see if they’d rather spill the beans on some rather personal and juicy details about their lives and careers, or cruelly abuse their taste buds.

As always, the questions are shockingly invasive, with neither participant privy to what they’re about to be asked. That’s why James was so confident he wouldn’t have to sip of a tofurkey tea — until Billie asked him how much money he turned down when he didn’t renew his “Late Late Show” contract.

“I certainly wouldn’t tell you when my dad is sat right there,” James said, pointing to his parents in the audience. “And I think my dad would physically kill me.”

Billie was equally forced to take on a Putrid Pea Profiterole when James asked her if she’d ever kissed a famous person and who that person was. Clearly, the answer to the first part was yes as the answer to the second part was Billie tucking into the disgusting dish.

“All I’m thinking is who could it be that you’d rather eat than tell us,” James mused.

Billie also struggled when asked to reveal the worst famous person she’d ever interacted with him. When James offered for her to ask his mother for advice, mum threw out, “Just say him!”

When she asked James if he was willing to share his last three messages with Harry Styles, James had to look first before deciding. But Billie was fearless when asked to share her last three DMs.

She simply handed James her phone and told him to have at it. What he discovered was an incredibly uplifting and empowering group of people lifting one another up, with messages from famous and non-famous people alike.

“What a lovely, lovely example of how people should speak to each other on social media,” he said, almost annoyed (but happy). “Nothing but joy and loveliness.”

You have to check out the whole video to see which questions proved too much, and which dish nearly knocked Billie out of her seat and had James running over to help her.

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