BIG BREAKING: Turkey on the verge of invading Syria, aims at territory expansion; frenzy among army and defence forces

New Delhi: 

Turkish President Erdoğan announced on Wednesday his willingness to capture Tel Rifat & Manbij from SDF control.

He said in the Parliament that,

“We are taking another step in establishing a 30-kilometre security zone along our southern border. We will clean up Tal Rifat and Manbij of terrorists”

He further said that Turkish Forces would proceed “step by step, into other regions”. 

Turkey sees the People’s Protection Unit (YPG) as a “terrorist” group and claims that it has ties with the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). Turkey has also tagged PKK as a terrorist group. 

He further said, “We will see who supports the legitimate security operations carried out by Turkey and who tries to oppose them”


Blinken has also said that “it’s something that we would oppose” during a joint press conference with NATO Secretarty General Jens Stolenberg.

For the First time the SAA, the YPG and the NDF have issued a joint communique declaring a unified C2 structure for operations against Turkey if they launched an invasion into Syria.

Sources say that at least 2 Turkish military Convoys containing around 60 vehicles in each Convoy have entered North-Eastern Syria near Manbij countryside.

More Turkish Equipment headed to Northern Syria for the expected operation against the kurds.

Seen as move to show support for the Kurdish Fighters, Russian helicopters were spotted flying over the Tel Rifaat and al-Shahba area, north of Aleppo.

Meanwhile Turkish Forces & Turkish Backed forces in Northern Syria held a preparedness check. This included multiple Turkish backed Fractions.


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