Baloch group FBM condemns Pakistan Army's attack on protesters in Karachi


The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) in a statement to the media condemned the Pakistan military’s violent attack on the families of those kidnapped by the Pakistani state and other peaceful protesters in Karachi. 

The FBM has called on the international community to pay attention to the Pakistani military’s violence against Baloch women and children and said that the world should realize that Pakistan has illegally occupied Balochistan. 

“In order to maintain its occupation of Balochistan, Pakistan is resorting to inhumane and brutal violence against the Baloch nation and is flouting international law,” the FBM statement said.

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Dozens of protesters, including women, were arrested

The Karachi police on Monday night arrested dozens of protesters, including women, protesting outside the Sindh Assembly against the abduction of two missing students. According to Pakistani media reports, the attitude of the authorities against the Baloch protesters went viral on social media. People are demanding action against police brutality.

‘The case of Balochistan is like East Timor’

A spokesman for the Free Balochistan Information Department said that the case of Balochistan was similar to the occupation of East Timor and the forcible occupation of Indonesia in 1975. It also declared East Timor its 27th province. Like today’s Pakistan in Balochistan, Indonesia resorted to violence to maintain its occupation and killed thousands in East Timor. Pakistan had occupied Balochistan in 1948 and since then it has been committing atrocities against the people of Balochistan.

‘Hundreds of Baloch killed in violence’

The spokesperson further said that the violence perpetrated by Pakistan includes enforced disappearances of Baloch people, arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings, torture and murder in custody and fake encounters in which hundreds of unarmed Baloch have been killed. The brutality of the Pakistani army against the families of the forcibly disappeared has become a common thing in Balochistan.

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Australian peacekeepers liberated East Timor

The spokesperson said that the current situation in Balochistan and the need to intervene in Balochistan to stop the persecution of the Baloch people by Pakistan. In 1978, the then Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Fraser recognized the occupation of East Timor by Indonesia and declared it real. Australian-led peace forces later intervened and liberated East Timor from Indonesia.

‘Let the international community intervene’

“The Baloch people hope that the international community will act like Malcolm Fraser and Australia and intervene in Balochistan. So that Pakistani aggression and atrocities on the Baloch people can be stopped and the Baloch nation can be helped to free itself from the oppression and occupation of Pakistan,” the FBM statement said.


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