Adam Sandler Reveals Accident in Bed Left Him 'Bleeding Terribly', Nude Beach Encounter in Spain

Turns out Adam Sandler had a fight with some bed sheets and the bed sheets won.

During an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the 55-year-old was attempting to talk about his new movie “Hustle” when Fallon asked him about the visible injury under his eye.

“I had an accident, everybody,” Sandler admitted. “Everything’s all right, but I wish it was a good story — it’s pathetic.”

The “Grownups” star told the story of how he had gotten into a bed where the sheets were tucked in too tightly. When he tried to kick them loose with his feet, the phone that was on his lap went flying and hit him just beneath his eye, splitting the skin. Sandler said the incident happened at 4 a.m. and still groggy from sleep, he decided to deal with it in the morning unaware of how bad it was.

“I was bleeding terribly,” he explained. “I mean, I thought it was pitch black in the room, and I feel wetness and I tricked myself. I go, ‘This is probably just thick tears.’ … I didn’t want to get up, you know, because I was tired. And I was like, ‘Ah, we’ll fix that later.'”

Sandler continued, “I woke up, it was horrible, it was bleeding all over it was gushing still and there was blood on the bed and all that stuff. So I said, ‘I’ve got to get this fixed.’ So I went to the Apple Store.”

Later on in the chat, the “Uncut Gems” star shared a story about how he had stumbled across a nude beach in Spain while he was there filming his upcoming movie.

He had been enjoying his time in the water like a “sandman just floating around” when he spotted a beach in the distance. When he had swam up to it, he realized that the beach goers were all in the nude.

“They’re all feeling great about themselves being nude, no one even cares, there’s older people nude — young [people]… people who look good, people who don’t look so good are nude. They don’t care, they just feel comfortable, they’re just like ‘I don’t care. This is who I am, I’m gonna be nude.'”

Sandler wanted to join the carefree attitude of the Spaniards, wanting to feel “comfortable and confident” and stripped off his shorts. The actor was then met with a wave of apprehension when he realized that someone could take his picture and “ruin my life.”

He decided to stay under water, but said that the salt content of the Mediterranean ocean resulted in his intimate parts to float on top of the water no matter how actively he had tried to push them down.

Sandler the described how his bits had caught the attention of seagulls and told a joke about how they must have debated whether or not it was a worm or a McDonald’s french fry,

“I was a guest in their country,” he laughed. “I gave it to ’em. I said, ‘You have a good time.'”

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