WhatsApp Former business head regrets after selling App!

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Facebook (Meta) bought WhatsApp in the year 2014. The former business head of WhatsApp, who got the deal finalized at that time, is now regretting it. Now he has also made many tweets regarding this and has made all the information related to the deal public.

Neeraj Arora wrote in his tweet, ‘In 2014, I was the Chief Business Officer of WhatsApp and I helped Facebook get the deal done for $ 22 billion. But today I regret it. In 2009, two years after the establishment of WhatsApp, I joined the company as the Chief Business Officer. In 2012-13, Facebook and Mark had offered us to acquire the company. We refused and started thinking about moving forward.

The offer was starting to look like a partnership

Neeraj further said, ‘In 2014, Facebook gave us another offer which felt like a partnership. Facebook offered us full support for end-to-end encryption, no ads, independent product decision making, board seat for Jan Koum (WhatsApp co-founder and former CEO), Mountain View office. In the beginning no one knew that Facebook would become Frankenstein’s Monster which would swallow the data of users.

Neeraj Arora claimed that today WhatsApp is the second largest platform of Facebook (larger than Instagram and Facebook Messenger). I am not the only one who regrets that it became a part of Facebook.

New feature was added to 


WhatsApp Reaction Feature has been rolled out for the users. This most widely used instant messaging app across the world keeps on bringing new features from time to time for the best experience of the users. Now the company is going to compete with other apps in the market such as Telegram etc. with the Reaction feature. Users were waiting for this feature for a long time and now this wait is over.


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