What Heckler Said About Khloe Kardashian That Got Him Ejected from Tristan Thompson Game

In November 2021, a fan was ejected from an NBA game between the Sacramento Kings and Memphis Grizzles after Tristan Thompson pointed him out to refs. At the time, Kings coach Alvin Gentry said “inappropriate things” were said, while one Grizzles beat reporter said the comments were about Khloe Kardashian.

On Thursday’s new episode of “The Kardashians,” Tristan confirmed that was the case — and revealed what the man said after Khloe pleaded for him to tell her.

“What did the fan say, when you got the fan ejected at the game? Was it directed at me or was it directed at everyone? I’m not offended,” she said, as the two — who were dating again at the time — hung out together.

“It was directed at you,” he said, before saying it was about “stuff in the past.” He added, “Whatever your past, it is what it is,” before revealing what was actually said. “Just like, ‘She talks to different basketball players, you’re just the next one.’ I said, ‘Listen man, enjoy your game with your girl, because she’s coming here to see me,'” Tristan joked.

Khloe didn’t seem too shaken by any of it.

“So he called me a whore and said I date basketball players. I’ve had 6 boyfriends, 3 of them have been in the NBA,” she remarked. “Thank you. How is that my problem?”

“I said, ‘Yeah, you’re not gonna keep talking about my family like that,'” Tristan added. “So I got his ass out of there.”

“Tristan is very protective of his family, he doesn’t like people talking about any one of us and it’s really cute,” Khloe reacted in a confessional. “It’s how everyone should be. You are just supposed to protect your family.”

And that’s that.

The game in question went down November 28, 2021 — which was just days before Maralee Nichols revealed she was expecting a baby with Thompson. The child was conceived when he and Khloe were still together. Hulu has confirmed they were filming when Kardashian heard the news … so, stay tuned, it should be coming very, very soon.

New episodes of “The Kardashians” drop Thursdays on Hulu.

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