WB govt proposes replacing Guv with CM as university Chancellor

New Delhi: 

Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal government on Thursday proposed that the chancellor of all state-run universities will be Chief Minister instead of the governor. The ruling party has decided to take the matter to the state assembly for the amendment. 

“Today we have taken a decision that all state-run universities will have the Chief Minister – and not Governor – as the Chancellor. This will be taken to the Assembly for the Act to be amended,” said West Bengal Minister Bratya Basu. 

The Governor is Chancellor of Universities including General Universities, Agricultural Universities, Technical Universities, Medical Universities and a Music Deed-to-be University. 

The Chancellor, by virtue of his office is a Head of the University, and vested with powers such as appointing Vice-Chancellors and draw the attention of the Government on police issues and streamline the academic session and improve standard of University Education, convenes review meetings of Vice-Chancellors and concerned ministries.


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