#Watch: Inhumane? Air India staff allegedly forces woman suffering panic attack to leave instead of providing aid

New Delhi:

Yet another case of cold-hearted behavior from airport staff came forth through a social media post. A heart and diabetic lady patient lied on the floor due to panic attack and instead of providing medical aid, the lady was forced to leave at the Delhi International Airport Terminal.

An Instagram user shared a video where the heart patient can be seen lying on the ground seeking comfort and medical assistance. On the other hand, the management staff seemed unbothered as the kin of the patient was still urging the staff to help. The staff members continued their work and did not even offer a glass of water. 

The Instagram user through his social media post said that they had already intimidated the authorities about the patient and sought their assistance for helping them go through check-in as well as the technical issues going on at the check-in point. To which, the authorities denied. 

After successfully checking in, the family had communicated the staff that they will be running late about 5 minutes as the patient cannot run in her situation. 

However, even after intimidating about the situation in prior, the authorities had closed the gates and did not allow the passengers to enter. By the time, there were at least an hour for the flight to leave. 

Witnessing the situation, the lady fainted on the spot with anxiety.

The family was boarding the Air India flight as the son of the lady who fainted had final year VIVA to attend to. 

Similar incident occurred recently at the Ranchi Airport where an adolescent with special needs was called ‘risk to the othe passengers’ by the IndiGo airlines as he panicked through the travelling exhaustion. 

The matter came into light after a female passenger posted the case in brief on the social media. The IndiGo airlines then came under fire of criticism owing to which, it even had to issue an apology in this regard. 

Following the controversy, Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on responded to an incident and said there will be ‘zero tolerance towards such behaviour’. 

Scindia tweeted, “No human being should have to go through this! Investigating the matter by myself, post which appropriate action will be taken.”

Later in the day, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation constituted a three-members team in connection with a physically challenged boy denied boarding by IndiGo at Ranchi airport. The DGCA decided to conduct a fact-finding probe.


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