US will defend Taiwan if China attacks: Joe Biden


US President Joe Biden said that his country will give a military response if China attacks Taiwan. Speaking at a news conference in Tokyo, Biden said, “That’s the commitment we’ve made,” news agency The Associated Press reported.

Joe Biden said that an attempt by China to use force against Taiwan “would not be justified”, adding that it would destabilise the entire region and be another action similar to what happened in Ukraine.

Under the ‘One China’ policy, the US recognizes Beijing as the government of China and does not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. 

However, China maintains informal contacts with Taiwan, including a de facto embassy in the capital, Taipei. The US also supplies military equipment to defend the island nation.

Joe Biden’s remarks are seen as one of the most forceful and open statements in support of Taiwan in decades. In particular, China has long wondered how the world might react to the conflict in Taiwan in the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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