Top 5 emerging NFT projects in India that are proving to be profitable for investors

When a person hears the word Non-Fungible Tokens, they immediately think of digital artworks, music, and videos, because in this instance, NFTs are the representation of something original. While the internet is famous for replicating virtual creations, NFT holders have a real opportunity to earn economic profits as they are something that cannot be forged or manipulated. People have started to realize that a picture or music is more than just another digital artwork in the metaverse, making the scope of the potential market indomitable. The evolution of NFT is transcending rapidly and becoming one of the most profitable businesses in the new world order and this is the sole reason why more and more NFT projects have started to come up.

Here are the top 5 emerging NFT projects in India that are proving to be profitable for investors:-

1. Ridiculous Dragons 

Ridiculous Dragons is a unique NFT project that was launched on the 14th of April this year. After making a debut in the NFT trade, 

Ridiculous Dragons

Ridiculous Dragons

 recorded a staggering sale proportion of more than 60% of its collectibles (Dragons) in the first week of its launch, fetching a profit of 4.5 cr. This newly-launched NFT project has many features that have been able to get hold of the attention of crypto investors. They have a collection of 9999 Dragons that are waiting to be minted. The project has many invigorating traits which make it stand out of the line. Each Dragon is priced at 0.24 BNB and apart from this, there are many offers and perks for its Dragon Holders, making it a project to invest in. The founder of Ridiculous Dragons, Shagun Singh, intends to make it India’s biggest NFT project and generate a revenue of 10 cr by the end of the financial year 2022. 

2. AltiusDAO  

Altius is the World’s first digital decentralised sports platform for supporting athletes with an attitude of bringing equal opportunities to all. AltiusDAO is collaborating with Polygon Studios to launch the NFT collection of the legendary athlete Milkha Singh. The images and pieces of the ‘The Flying Sikh’ are a tribute to his patriotism and the NFT collections are very rare and authentic including the memorabilia of the famous athlete himself. All the funds collected by the NFT collection will go straight to the Milkha Charitable Trust. 

3. Bollycoin 

Connecting Bollywood trends or artwork with blockchain technology, Bollycoin has been associating B-town culture with the world of NFTs and has released NFTs of Chulbul Pandey and the entire Dabangg collection, in collaboration with Salman Khan. This project also offers movie posters, stills, and clips in the form of NFTs. Cryptocurrency is used to trade and buy NFTs and get exclusive royalties. 

4.  MG NFT

MG Motor started dealing in NFTs last year with 1,111 units of digital artwork. It became India’s first auto brand to launch its NFT collection that includes pictures of the classy MG cars, making the company’s legacy memorable. It also marked a historic landmark in the company’s voyage, with proof of authenticity to its customers. 

5. BeyondLife 

The platform gained popularity when it released NFTs of the superstar Amitabh Bacchan, setting records and selling about 5000 loot boxes in just 53 minutes. It also dropped a collection of Chakra the invincible by Stan Lee which was a huge turn of events because all the 6865 loot boxes were sold within just 51 seconds. Additionally, 5000 jukeboxes were sold in just 49 seconds rapidly, bringing India closer to the NFT world, and opening extraordinary trading. 

The market is full of new NFT projects that are on their way to the zenith of victory. The fund investments in NFTs will play a major role in affecting the ecosystems that exist in the metaverse. Hence, the funds collected are going to be used in building blockchains, protocols, and platforms. There are a lot of reasons to invest in NFTs and their projects because there’s a greater chance of gain. 


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