"This is how Britishers came and divided us": Akshay Kumar on North-South cinema and national language debate

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South India is once again erupting over the language issue with its apprehensions of forceful imposition of Hindi in the guise of promotion of a common Indian link language between states as articulated by the Union Home Minister Amit Shah a few days ago. Now, ‘Prithviraj’ actor Akshay Nagar has opened up on the matter and said, ‘this is how the Britishers came and divided us…’

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar spoke on the North-South cinema and national language debate. In a recent interview when asked about it, he said, “I don’t believe in this divide. I hate it when somebody says south industry or north industry, we are all a common industry. I think we should stop asking this question. It is important that we understand that this is how the Britishers came and divided us, they invaded us and ruled us. We don’t seem to have learnt our lesson, we are still not understanding this. The day we understand that we are all one industry, I think things will start working much better.”

“This word ‘pan-India’ films and all, woh meri samajh ki bahar hai, (I don’t understand it). All I want is all the films to work, and that’s about it,” he added.

Many non-Hindi films have performed well across India this year including KGF Chapter 2, RRR and Pushpa: The Rise. Recently, many artists have been debating Hindi’s status as the national language and it all began when Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeepa stated that Hindi no longer had that status. Ajay Devgn reacted angrily to it in a tweet saying that Hindi is the national language.


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