Terrence Lewis opens up about relationship rumours with Nora Fatehi: 'Raaz kii baat raaz rehne do'

New Delhi:

Choreographer-turned-singer Terence Lewis and actor-dancer Nora Fatehi share a great camaraderie. Terrence and Nora are currently hosting the reality show India’s Best Dancer. Too often, the dancing duo makes headlines for their steamy dance performances and envious chemistry. Terence has never gone on record to give any label to his relationship with Nora. In fact, Terrence has never been vocal about his romantic relationships. 

In a rare interview, Terrence has finally opened up about his relationship status with Nora Fatehi. Recently, in a recent chat with Siddharth Kannan, the singer revealed that he has broken many hearts. He said that he has been a commitment phobic and believes that love should be free. 

“Sach bolun toh maine kai baar logon ka dil toda hai. Commitment phobic hun, pyaar karta hoon but I don’t want to be possessed, and I don’t want to possess. I feel true love is free. Nobody can complete anybody,” he said.

When pressed about his nature of bond with co-judge and friend Nora Fatehi, Terence blushed and laughed, saying, “Raaz ki baat raaz rehne do (Let this secret be). I will tell you off-camera.” Lewis went on to add that he shares a very ‘healthy’ relationship with Nora, stating: “We are very good friends, yes. I think we have got great chemistry on-screen. She’s a very free-spirited person, and I like her energy and vibe. She’s lovely. We have a healthy relationship.”

Terrence and Nora had made headlines in 2020 when a video  of the choreograper touching Nora inappropriately went viral. The video showed the choreographer touching the actress-dancer inappropriately on her bums. However, both Nora and Terrence hadcalled the video doctored.  “Why would I do something of that sort two weeks after shooting for a very intimate sequence with her? Thankfully, throughout my life I have got enough love and attention from the opposite sex to not feel depraved. I have the highest respect for Nora Fatehi. That kind of thing would only tickle a 17-year-old. I am 45,” he had said.


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