Tata Motors to work on autonomous driving technology

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Tata Motors had recently displayed its futuristic electric cars Tata Avinya and Tata Curve and then discussions have started about autonomous driving technology in cars in India. The world still knows Tesla for its advanced autonomous driving tech, but you will not believe that Tata Motors started work in this field even before Tesla through Tata Alexi. If you don’t believe then check out the full detail report here.

Tata Motors has been investing heavily in Autonomous Technology for the last several years and its results are also visible. At a time when Tesla cars were becoming popular around the world and there was not much discussion about the Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) in India, Tata Motors had manufactured an SUV car with a self-driving system.

Autonomous driving technology has emerged in the last few years as an area that has been the subject of research for many of the world’s largest car companies. How our transportation system will be shaped in the coming times depends to some extent on the self-driving capabilities of modern cars. Tesla, the company of the world’s most popular businessman Elon Musk, has been leading the way in this technology for some time now. However, very few people know that Tata Motors started investing in autonomous driving technology in the UK (United Kingdom) in the year 2014 itself and within just 3 years Tata Motors piloted it on the busy roads of many UK cities. Was testing.

Tata Motors decided to make a big leap in the field of mobility with a strategic investment in the development of autonomous driving technology. 

Apart from car makers like Tesla, there was no discussion about this matter anywhere. Seeing the direction in which the global automobile industry is going and how it will change the modern world, Tata Motors started working on this concept. In the early stages, test runs were performed on a closed testing track. One of these engineers was heard saying that at that time they had the infrastructure in terms of connectivity and autonomous technology, but within just 3 years the team sent an SUV on public roads after a lot of testing and development. Had given. The SUV also participated in the UK Auto Drive.

UK Auto Drive was part of the UK government’s driverless cars initiative in 2015. It was a three-year project designed to develop connectivity and autonomous driving technology. For this project, companies such as Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover and Tata Motors provided cars for test runs on the streets of Keynes and Coventry. If seen, the advent of autonomous driving technology has proved to be a turning point in the world of automobiles. There is no doubt that Tesla has played a key role in the rapid adoption of such vehicles. At the same time, Tata Alexi has also been instrumental in providing design and technology services in the automotive sector.

Talking about the self-driving industry and the algorithmic capabilities of Tata Elxsi, Biswajit Biswas, Chief Data Scientist, Tata Elxsi told Analytics India Magazine that when it comes to self-driving vehicles, Tata


has a long history. We have created a full-stack IP called Autonomai, which has been adopted by some OEMs. 

This has given a significant boost to their program for autonomous vehicles. Perception and navigation are the key things in self-driving vehicles. We have built several deep learning models that perform well for a variety of perception tasks. In addition to relying on open source components and our partners, we have also built many tools and platforms. We have also developed tools in sensor fusion, synthetic but real data generation, validation, automated testing, driver monitoring systems, cabin monitoring systems and analytics for CAN bus signals.


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