'Slogan totally against RSS,' clarifies PFI over child's 'hate slogans' in rally


As a child had made provocative comments asking the Hindu and Christian population to live ‘decently’ if they want to live in Kerala, state president of Popular Front of India (PFI) CP Muhammad Basheer on Tuesday iterated that the slogan was directed to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Reacting to the Muslim boy chanting death for Hindus, Basheer said, “One group of people was sloganeering with a boy below 15 years. He was chanting the slogans and the slogan was basically against the RSS and against the terrorism of RSS. But one or two lines were not in accordance with the policy and the culture of PFI and democratic society. It was totally against RSS. Using this instance, the people who hate Muslims or do not like the work of PFI are actively involved in the propaganda to tarnish the image of the organisation.”

“In this incident, we are trying to say that intimidation propaganda campaign against PFI is not going to win. We will succeed this, we will overcome this, and we will show our activities and our ideology to the public. It is totally in harmony with the people. It is in accordance with the democratic setup. It is not against the Christian community and Hindu community or not against any other community. We will continue our resistance against RSS terrorism”, the PFI state president added. 

Meanwhile, he also said, “The PFI’s slogan in the national campaign conducted by the PFI, grand people’s conference and rally held in Alapuzha were in accordance with the laws of the land and communal normally. We used to give out printed slogans and in this programme also, we distributed printed slogans. The programme attracted a large number of people, which was beyond the expectations of the organisers and it was a success. So the people who did not like this wanted to tarnish the PFI by picking up one particular incident that happened.”

The boy raised the slogans in a PFI rally where had said, “Hindus should keep rice for their last rites and Christians should keep incense for their last rites. If your live decently, you can live in our land and if you don’t live decently, we know Azadi (freedom). Live decently, decently, decently.” 

This came as a direct threat to the Hindu and Christian population living in Kerala, with PFI warning the death penalty if they don’t fall in line.


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