Shah Rukh Khan's home Mannat's nameplate goes missing; fans claim theft

New Delhi:

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s Bandra home Mannat was in the headlines last month after it got a new nameplate. Now, once again, Mannat’s nameplate is making trends on social media. Several fans are taking to social media to point out that the nameplate, which was recently placed, is nowhere to be seen. 

For years, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s home Mannat has remained a tourist spot for fans in Mumbai. It is situated right across Bandra Band Stand and every day, fans from across the country reach out the gates of the superstar’s home to click pictures with the Mannat nameplate.

Recently, fans flocked outside Mannat after the nameplate got renovated. Some fans also took to social media to share how Mannat’s nameplate has been renovated over years. But now, netizens are confused about the missing nameplate while some are just wondering what is happening and why is the nameplate removed.

One user tweeted, “went to #Mannat today first time in my life and I saw there is no nameplate. I thought there is some work on progress.”

“Yes bro agree with you because I went to #Mannat today first time in my life and I saw there is no nameplate. I thought there is somework on progress,” tweeted another.

Several fans also quipped that the nameplate may have been stolen but others were quick to point out that it is unlikely to happen as Shah Rukh Khan has tight security stationed outside his home. Meanwhile, some were of the view that Gauri Khan is redesigning the entrance, and hence, the removal of the nameplate. 

Another tweet reads, “Aaj #Mannat se name plate gayab hai matlab full on experiment chal raha hai @gaurikhan (Today the name plate is absent from Mannat, which means experiment is on).”

Meanwhile, a HT report has claimed that the nameplate has simply gone for repair. If reports are to be believed, the new nameplate at Mannat costs Rs 25 lakh.


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