Russia: Vladimir Putin to become father at 70! Girlfriend Alina is pregnant again


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 38-year-old girlfriend Alina Kabaeva is pregnant once again. According to media reports, Putin is shocked after this information came to the fore. 

Putin will turn 70 in October this year and already has two children from former Olympic gymnast Alina. Putin did not want any more children and that is why he is shocked after this news came.

Russian news channel General SVR Telegram has revealed that Alina is pregnant again. According to sources, Putin was preparing for Russia’s Victory Day parade at the Red Square in Moscow when he was informed about Alina’s pregnancy. Putin is divorced from his wife. 

“Putin has learned that his girlfriend is pregnant again and it appears that this is not going as planned,” the Russian channel said.

Alina is also in danger of sanctions from European countries

Putin has not yet admitted that he has any relationship with Alina. Alina is the boss of a media group in Russia and earlier it was said that she was living in Switzerland. A local newspaper had revealed that Alina had two sons in Switzerland in 2015 and Moscow in 2019. In the midst of Ukraine’s war, Alina is now facing the threat of sanctions from European countries.

After retiring from the sport of gymnast, Alina joined politics. Not only this, Alina became an MP from Putin’s United Russia party. According to the report of The Sun, Putin’s girlfriend Alina posed for her semi-nude picture for a magazine. Alina had also tried a lot to become a singer, but could not succeed. 

From 2007 to 2014, Alina Kabaeva was the deputy State Duma of the lower house of the Russian Parliament. In addition, in September 2014, Alina was appointed to the post of chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the National Media Group of Russia.


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