Russia takes big step amidst Ukraine war, successfully tests Zircon missile

Russia-Ukraine War: 

The war between Russia and Ukraine is going on for the last 95 days. For now, this war does not seem likely to be end anytime soon. Several rounds of talks have also taken place between the two countries to end the war, but no solution has been found so far. 

Many countries are also making efforts to end this war as soon as possible, but its result has not yet come out. In this war, neither President Putin is backing down nor is the President of Ukraine ready to give up. Zelensky says that we will not compromise under the terms of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, Russia on Saturday successfully test-fired its hypersonic cruise missile Zircon. It is being told that in the test, the missile successfully hit the target located 1000 km away. The missile was released from the Barents Sea and hit the target in the White Sea.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said its deployment would further improve the country’s military capability. The speed of this hypersonic cruise missile is 9 times faster than sound. This is three times more than India’s BrahMos. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Zircon missile was launched from the warship Admiral Gorshkov stationed in the Barents Sea.

The Zircon is intended to strengthen Russian cruisers, frigates and submarines and can be used against both enemy ships and ground targets. It is one of several under development for hypersonic missiles in Russia.

In view of the tension with Western countries, Russia is continuously modernizing its weapons fleet. Last month, Russia also test-fired the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Sarmat.


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