Rebel Wilson Officially Off The Market After Being 'Set Up' By a Friend

Rebel Wilson confirmed she is in a relationship.

During an appearance on the “U Up?” podcast, the “Pitch Perfect” star revealed that she had recently found love, telling show hosts, “I am now happily in a relationship.”

After trying her hand at a celebrity dating app, Wilson revealed that the couple had been set up by a mutual friend.

“I was on and off on the Raya app, but this was a friend set up,” she explained. “He’d known both of us for at least five years each, and was like, ‘Yeah, I think you two would hit it off,’ and then we did.”

She noted of her dating experience, “I think that escalates things quicker, [meeting someone] from a trusted source. So then you’re like, okay, I can trust this person, that they are legit, they are who they say they are – which is something on the [dating] apps you don’t really know.”

Back in February 2021, People Magazine reported that Rebel had split with her ex-boyfriend Jacob Busch after making their relationship Instagram official four months before.

“Jacob was an amazing guy but just not the one for her long-term,” the publication reported a friend of Wilson’s said of Busch.

When the former couple split, Rebel posted a photo of herself declaring her new single status.

“Lots on my mind…aghhhhhh…#single-girl-heading-to-Super-Bowl!” she wrote.

The pair went  public back in September 2020 when Wilson shared a photo of them boarding a helicopter alongside Helen Mirren and Kate Beckinsale.

“This is the first guy she’s met who is a match for her humor and personality. Someone who has his own life and success and isn’t intimidated by her,” a source revealed to People. “He’s entrepreneurial and they’re both very business-minded.”

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