Rebel Wilson discloses sexual harassment before #MeToo movement

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Before the

#MeToo movement cleaned Hollywood, Actor Rebel Wilson has disclosed that she was sexually harassed by a male co-star while working on a film. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in an interview with People magazine, Wilson recalled sexual harassment by an unnamed male co-star, who after calling her into a room and pulling her “down his pants,” asked her in front of his friends to “perform a lewd act.” “It was awful and disgusting. And all the behaviour afterwards — this was all before #MeToo — where they kind of tried to destroy me and my career. If it had happened after #MeToo, then I could have just blasted them,” she said, reporting to the outlet.

She added, “I called my rep. I got certain things in writing about what happened,” she said. “Definitely amongst industry circles, I made sure people knew what happened.”

It further stated that when Wilson took her complaint to her agency and the studio, something she described as “a big step,” she discovered others had also reported him.

“I found out I was like the fourth person to complain about the guy,” she said. “Such gross behaviour, but a lot of women have had it way worse.”

Despite reporting, Wilson said she still grapples with her response, even asking why she stayed in that working situation. “I should have left. It wasn’t worth it. But at the same time, I was like, ‘Oh well, do the right thing, be a professional and finish the movie.’ Now I would never do that,” she explained, to The Hollywood Reporter.

“If it happened again, I would probably stand up for myself even more just because of the bravery of the other women that have stood up and now allowed me an opportunity,” she added. 

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