Rajarata farmers request for fertilizer for Yala cultivation

Farmers in Anuradhapura request for the immediate distribution of chemical fertilizer to start the 2022 Yala paddy cultivation.

They are opposed to the move by the Irrigation Department releasing irrigational water from major and medium tanks, as they are not prepared to begin cultivation activities.

It is learnt that eventhough the district’s carbonic fertilizer requirement is 45,500 metric tons, so far only 2,740 metric tons have been provided by the assigned fertilizer companies.

The targeted landscape for Yala paddy cultivation is 91,600 hectares and it is predicted that paddy cultivation on 50,000 hectares could be achieved under the prevailing circumstances.

District Agrarian Development sources indicate that the majority of fertilizer companies which had agreed to supply carbonic fertilizer to farmers in the Anuradhapura District had failed to do so and the Agrarian Development and Fertilizer Secretariat are looking for alternative fertilizer dealers to be entrusted to fulfill the task.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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