PM Modi reviews measures against heatwave, preparations for monsoon

New Delhi:

After returning from a three-day visit to Europe, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday held an important meeting to deal with the scorching heat in different parts of the country and to take stock of the preparedness related to the upcoming monsoon.

At present, many parts of the country are facing a severe heat wave. Temperatures are being recorded above 43 degrees Celsius in many cities. Although people have got some relief from the scorching heat due to hailstorms and rain in some parts of North India including Delhi on Wednesday, but the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said that from Friday, the temperature will start rising once again in different parts of North India.

In the past, the average maximum temperature in Northwest and Central India reached 35.9 and 37.78 degrees Celsius, respectively. The hottest April was recorded in 122 years in both regions of the country. RK Jenamani, senior scientist of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), says that the heatwave is likely to return after May 7. In India, especially in the month of May, there is usually maximum heat.

This year the heatwave started in late March in North India and spread in the first weeks of April. However, scientists say that the heatwave is not unusual in the region during the pre-monsoon season from April to June. It should be noted that the average temperature in March this year was around 33 degrees Celsius, which was the hottest March ever recorded since 1902.

In April this year, the temperature in major cities like Delhi went above 45 degree Celsius. This temperature is much higher than the normal high temperature of April. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), this year the southwest monsoon is likely to be normal in the country. The Meteorological Department says that there may also be more than normal rains in some parts of Central India, Himalayan foothills and North-West India.


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