PM Modi inaugurates Nano Urea Plant, said Gujarat model moving towards cooperative village

New Delhi: 

Participating in ‘Sahakar Se Samridhi’ in Gujarat’s capital Gandhinagar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said Gujarat is working towards a ‘model cooperative village’. During this he also inaugurated Nano Urea (Liquid) Plant constructed at IFFCO, Kalol.

PM Modi said, “Today we are moving towards an ideal cooperative village. Six villages of Gujarat have been identified where cooperative system will be made fully available. Let me inaugurate the Nano Urea (Liquid) Plant today. It’s a pleasure.” ,

He further said, “Cooperative in the village is also a great medium of self-reliance. It has the energy of self-reliant India.” After inaugurating the Nanu Urea (Liquid) plant, PM Modi said that more such plants are in the pipeline. He said that “the power in a sack of urea has now been compressed into a bottle… Imagine how much the transportation cost would be reduced and small farmers would benefit. This plant has a capacity to make 1.5 lakh bottles, but to come. There are 8 more such plants in due course. Will be set up in India.”

PM Modi said, “After the BJP came to power in 2014, the government promoted neem-coated urea. This ensured that the country’s farmers get enough urea. Also, we have done so in UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and Telangana. Started the work of restarting 5 closed fertilizer factories.

‘Urea cost Rs 3,500 to government but Rs 300 to farmers’

PM Modi revealed that India imports urea from abroad and a 50 kg bag costs Rs 3,500. He said, “But in the country only one sack of urea is given to farmers for only Rs 300. Our government bears Rs 3,200 on a sack of urea. We have tried to face all the difficulties but did not let the farmers suffer.

He said that the government will do whatever is necessary for the interest of the farmers of the country and will continue to increase the power of the farmers.

‘Solution of many problems of India in self-reliance’

He said that the cooperative sector has been very successful in Gujarat and asked everyone to take forward this movement with full spirit.

The Prime Minister said, “Self-reliance is the solution to many of India’s difficulties. And a great model of self-reliance is cooperative. We have experienced this with great success in Gujarat and you all are the fighters of this success,”

PM Modi set an example of cooperative model of dairy sector. “Today, India is the world’s largest milk producer in which Gujarat has a major share. Dairy sector is also growing rapidly in the last few years and contributing more to the rural economy,” he said.

‘Ministry of Cooperatives constituted to promote cooperative based economic model in the country’

He said that the country is constantly moving in the direction of linking the spirit of cooperation with the spirit of the elixir of freedom. “With this objective, a separate Ministry of Cooperation was set up at the Centre. There is an effort to encourage a cooperative based economic model in the country,” he said.


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