'PFI very dangerous but Indian people, army capable of dealing with it': TN Gov RN Ravi


Tamil Nadu Governor R.N. Ravi on Friday strongly criticised the extremist Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) and said it is a dangerous organisation but the people and the security forces of the country are capable of dealing with them. 

He said, “Popular Front of India is a very dangerous organisation essentially its aim is to destabilise this country from within… There are political parties that are supporting them for their own political vested interest. It’s a threat we need to be very careful about..”

The Governor said that there are over 60 faces of the PFI. “It will put up mask of human rights, mask of being student, takes up a form of political party.”

He said, however, the country as well as the Indian army and security forces are capable to fight against them. He asked the people to stay cautious of them. 

The remarks of the Tamil Nadu Governor came amid the possibilities of the Centre putting complete ban on the PFI. The controversial outfit has been blamed for its alleged role for causing communal tension and violence in the various parts of the nation. 

Earlier in the month, BJP unit of Madhya Pradesh chief V.D. Sharma accused the PFI for instigating violence in Khargone. 

“Madhya Pradesh is a peaceful state, if in such a state, procession were attacked then it suggests a pre-planned conspiracy by organisations like PFI. Strict action should be taken against miscreants,” said Sharma.


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