People must agitate for General Election - JVP

The people should demand a General Election as soon as possible to elect a new Parliament, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Politburo Member K. D. Lal Kantha said.

He was speaking at a public gathering in Eppawala.

“Formation of a new Government through an Election is necessary to create political stability and to find solutions to the prevailing problems in the country.

The new Government, whoever is in it, should not condone corruption, bribery and fraud.The people are on the alert. A citizens’ struggle has commenced. There is no room for malpractices in such a context. Now the people in the country should be lined up to demand a General Election. The excuse provided by the rulers is that there is no money for it. The JVP Trade Union takes the challenge to get the public servants to volunteer for election duties without a payment,” Lal Kantha said.

He said that winning an election should be added to the slogans of those in the People’s Struggle (Aragalaya) at Galle Face. “The curse of 74 years has to end and it can be done only through a new Parliament. The people can besiege Parliament on a sitting day to demand those in it to agree to hold an election,” he remarked.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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