Pakistan: Protests against arrest of Baloch woman in Quetta


A group of people protested in front of the Quetta Press Club against the arrest of Noor Jahan from Turbat in Balochistan by the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD). 

Addressing the protesters, several Baloch leaders said, “The Anti-Terrorism Department is now arresting our women people after our youth. Noor Jahan’s arrest by CTD is condemnable.”

Baloch leaders said that the youths were first forcibly arrested by the government agencies and then disappeared without any clue and after some time their mutilated bodies were found far away from their homes.

The Baloch leaders said, ‘Now they are arresting our women too. It is unbearable. They demanded that Noor Jahan should be released immediately. Otherwise, we will be forced to take some strong steps and for this the government and its agencies will be responsible.

Human rights are being violated

Nazir Noor Baloch, Human Rights Secretary of the Baloch National Movement, wrote to human rights organizations including the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR), Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). 

“For the past two decades, Balochistan is facing the worst human rights violations,” he said in his letter. 

“As a result of the collective punishment, the Baloch people are being victimized on a daily basis by the Pakistani security forces. To highlight these atrocities and human rights abuses, political parties and human rights organizations of Balochistan have organized several awareness programs to explain the situations to international organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW).”

Balochistan has been facing this problem for a long time

Balochistan has been facing great difficulty for a long time, where cases of forced disappearance of women and children are increasing day by day. In such a situation, a Norwegian civil and human rights activist, Ehsan Argemandi, who had gone to Pakistan to investigate a large number of disappearances of Baloch people, was also treated badly there. Argemandi was detained unconstitutionally and was brutally tortured.


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