Pakistan: Clashes between PTI workers, police as Imran Khan's Azadi March turns violent in Islamabad


Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan along with hundreds of his supporters marched towards Islamabad on Wednesday. Imran Khan’s ‘Azadi March’ entered Islamabad on Wednesday


. Even before coming to Islamabad, there was a clash between PTI workers and the police at several places.

Several activists have been arrested after the clash. According to Sama News, after this clash, China Chowk metro station in Islamabad was set on fire. In view of the deteriorating law and order in Islamabad amid protests, the Government of Pakistan has ordered the deployment of Pakistan Army in the city.

Protesters indulged in violence

Imran Khan has announced Azadi March under the pressure of holding elections soon. Let us tell you that the people participating in this march are becoming uncontrollable, due to which violent incidents are also happening in many places. Protesters have burnt many trees and vehicles in Islamabad. The Pakistan administration had to resort to fire brigade to douse the fire.

Police stopped PTI rally

The Pakistan police fired tear gas shells to quell the violent protesters. Imran Khan’s supporters were being stopped from going towards D-Chowk, Islamabad, after which police and PTI activists clashed. Declaring his support for this march, Imran Khan has requested all Pakistanis to register a protest by taking to the streets. Women and children have also been appealed to come out of their homes.

Senator from Punjab province Aon Abbas Buppi said, ‘It is 2.30 pm at D-Chowk and the shelling is on. God knows how many more rounds they will fire before Imran Khan arrives.

Amidst clashes with the police of Imran Khan’s party workers in Islamabad, PTI’s official account tweeted, ‘Great effort by the people of Pakistan to save their lives!! MashaAllah, Allah keep you (protesters) people safe, what innings are they playing?

A Pakistani journalist said in an opinion piece titled ‘Imran Khan’s March to Chaos’ that the country is heading towards a political confrontation after the government’s decision to ban the PTI march in Islamabad.

In the Dawn newspaper, writer Zahid Hussain wrote, ‘The crackdown on opposition leaders and the sealing of the capital has created a very unstable situation. The government is already panicking. Failing to control the growing unrest caused by a protest march launched by Imran Khan, the Shahbaz Sharif government was forced to call in the army to defend the red zone as the former Pakistan prime minister and PTI chief entered Islamabad early Thursday. did.

Military deployment

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah wrote on Twitter that citing the deteriorating law and order situation in Islamabad and using the powers conferred under Article 245 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a sufficient number of troops of the Pakistan Army would have been deployed. Is. The Pakistan government has deployed the army in the ‘Red Zone’ to protect important government buildings after Imran Khan entered Islamabad amid rising tensions in the country.

The government order said the decision was taken to protect important government buildings, including Pakistan’s Supreme Court, Parliament House, Presidency, Prime Minister’s Office and others. In the midst of this violent incident, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) tweeted, “We believe that all citizens and all political parties have every right to peacefully assemble and protest.”

Imran Khan has said that till the announcement of elections in Pakistan, the sit-in demonstration and march will continue in Islamabad.


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