Numerology Horoscope 23rd May: Mulank 1 will get immense money; People with THESE Mulank will have to be careful

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Numerology emerges from the branches of astrology. It is a very important topic because your future is hidden in the world of numbers. By numbers you can know how your coming time will be. How will your life be. With whom will you be friends, with whom will you be enmity? And much more you can know that through numerology. Today we will know how will be your day according to numerology. Will love relations be sweet in your life today? Will your health deteriorate? Your financial condition will change. We will know all this according to numerology.

Today is 23 May 2022, the day is Monday. If we go in the world of numbers, then we will make numbers by adding today’s date.


The digit of the date is made by adding the digits 7.

Ketu is considered to be the lord of the number. Which vehicle, house, land, foreboding, political position, establishment, peace, has been considered as a factor of suicide. Come

Know how the day will be from 1 to 9 radix numbers.

Mulank 1

If you are born on the date 1,10,19,28 of any month then your radix becomes 1. So your zodiac lord is the Sun.

Career – Changes will come in the field, new work can start today, business will also improve.


The financial condition will be good, the money which was invested earlier will get the right result.

love relationship-

You can go for a walk with your lover, as well as the support of the family will remain, there will be an atmosphere of happiness in family life.


Health will be good. But take care of food and drink, problems related to blood can arise.

Lucky color – light green

Remedy – Worship Lord Shiva and offer honey on Shivling.

Mulank 2

If you are born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month then your radix becomes 2. Moon becomes the lord of the zodiac.


If you were thinking of transfer in the field of work, then there is a possibility of transfer today as well as some good news can be received in business today.

There will be stability in the financial situation, you will get the stagnant money back as well as news of getting ancestral property can also come.

love relationship

 Mixed results will be obtained in the family, today there can be a dispute with someone, so keep control on your speech and do not let mental stress happen.


 There is a possibility of mental stress, control your anger today to bring stability in life.

good color pistachio

Remedy: Chant Om Mantra and do meditation.

Mulank 3

Whether you are born on 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of the month, your radix becomes 3. Your zodiac lord is Jupiter.

Difficulties can come in the career field, today you can make a person your enemy, that is why keep control on your anger and speech.


 Money is likely to come in the financial situation, but enough money which you expect will not come at this time, due to which you may get stressed.

 Love relationships You will feel incompleteness about any relationship in the mind, today there can be a dispute with a person in the family.


 It will be right to take care of health, today must pay attention to yourself, if you are a victim of obesity, then control your food and drink.

good color white

Remedy: Offer Belpatra on Shivling.

Mulank 4

Born on 4,13,22,31 of any of your months, your radix will become 4. Your zodiac lord is Rahu.


 Today you will get good results in the workplace, as well as the people of your office will also praise you, if you do business, then today you can get some good news.


 There will be ups and downs in the financial situation, do not give money to anyone today, otherwise you will not get it back.

love relationship

There can be an argument with a person in the family, this person can be your elder brother or someone like brother.


Health will be fine but worries will remain due to which people who have high blood pressure need to be careful.

auspicious color mehndi

Remedy: Donate a pot of water at a religious place.

Mulank 5

If you are born on 5th, 23rd or 14th of any month then your radix becomes five. The lord of the zodiac is Mercury.


There will be changes in career partner, some good news can also be received, but there is a need to work hard.

Money will also change in the economic situation, in the coming time, there will be a lot of money, some good news related to money can come.

love relationship

Someone in the family can disappoint you about something, today there may be a dispute with the women of the family.


If there is any problem related to the eyes, then take care of your health, otherwise there may be a risk of eye infection.

good color red

Remedy: Recite Shiv Chalisa.

Mulank 6

If you are born on 6th, 24th or 15th of any month then your radix becomes 6. Your zodiac lord is Venus.


Changes will come in the field of work, the fruits of hard work will not be available now, that’s why you need to remain calm.


It is not the right time to invest money, so neither take loan nor lend it to anyone.

 love relationship

The support of love will remain, if there was resentment with the lover, then today everything can be fine between you back.


 Health will be mixed If you have diabetes then take care of your health.

good color blue

 Donate milk.

Mulank 7

If you are born on 7th, 16th or 25th of any month. So your radix becomes 7. Your zodiac lord is Ketu.


 There will be profit in the work field, the environment in business will remain favorable. There is a possibility of getting cooperation of colleagues. New responsibilities can be found in the field of work.


Due to the profit in the field of work, it can also have an effect on the economic situation, due to which the economic situation seems to be getting stronger in the coming time.

Love relationship There is a possibility of meeting old friends. The day will be good in love related matters. Family support will remain.


Health will be good, you will feel energetic, you will get rid of all worries.

auspicious color light gray

Remedy Donate sugar.

Mulank 8

If you were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th of any of your months, then your radix becomes 8. The lord of your radix is Saturn.


There is a need to work hard in the field, if you consider it necessary to do any work with the advice of someone, then you can spoil your own work.


There is a need to be cautious about money. Don’t trust anyone with money.


Take care of your health. Today you will feel tense. You will have to face challenges regarding the workplace, so you can feel a heavy burden on your head.

good color blue

Remedy Light a lamp of desi ghee under the Peepal tree.

Mulank 9

You are born on 9th, 18th or 27th of any month, your radix becomes 9. Mars is the lord of your radix There will be ups and downs in the career field. Today you can make new plans in business.


You will get the benefits of money, in the coming time, the economic situation will be better than before.

love relationship

Will get benefit in love related matters, can get a marriageable relationship or if married, then today you will feel good changes in the relationship.


There is a need to take care of health, diseases related to throat may arise.

Lucky color – Orange


Abhishek of Shivling with Gangajal.


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