Nicole Kidman Scrubbed From Tom Cruise Career Montage at Cannes

They shared ten years of marriage, two children and no less than three films together… but going by the 10-minute summary of Tom Cruise‘s career shown at Cannes on Wednesday, you would never even know Nicole Kidman existed.

The tribute montage, played ahead of the film festival premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick”, featured exactly zero seconds of Kidman footage, according to Variety.

The former couple starred in three films together: “Days of Thunder”, the 1990 racing drama, on the set of which they first met; 1992’s Ireland-set “Far and Away”; and Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 erotic thriller “Eyes Wide Shut”. And while there was plenty of footage from all three, his female co-star was noticeably absent from each.

And it wasn’t like the editor — whomever it was — had purposely avoided co-stars: “Rain Man’s” Dustin Hoffman made the cut, as did Kirsten Dunst from “Interview With The Vampire”, and Renée Zellweger from “Jerry Maguire”.

Heck, even ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz, with whom he starred in “Vanilla Sky”, featured in the montage. Just no Nicole.

Kidman’s name however did get a mention from her ex-hubby, during a masterclass he hosted at the film festival, according to the outlet.

“We worked together to find the tone: [Stanley Kubrick], Nic and I,” he said, while discussing a scene in “Eyes Wide Shut”.

Cruise and Kidman were married from 1990 to 2001, during which they adopted two children: Isabella (29) and Connor (27).

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