New SLS Standards for alcohol spirits

New Sri Lanka Standards on Alcohol and Alcohol Spirits Made in Sri Lanka and Imported into Sri Lanka have been published.

The new Sri Lanka Standards have been created by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution with inputs from the Excise Department, Government Analyst’s Department, Industrial Technology Institute as well as representatives  of the local liquor industry, in line with the instructions given by the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament.

Under these new standards, Sri Lanka Standards have been issued for Beer, Whiskey, Brandy, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Arracks, Tequila and imported foreign liquors.

In the future, new Sri Lankan standards will be introduced for fermented liquor such as toddy, sake and other such liquor.

All new licenses for the manufacture of liquor and alcohol spirits in Sri Lanka are required to apply immediately to these new Sri Lankan Standards available from the Sri Lanka Standards Institution and to ensure that the subsequent manufacture of liquor and alcoholic spirits is in accordance with those standards.

Accordingly, no liquor or any alcoholic spirits not complying with these Sri Lanka Standards will not be permitted to be issued to the public, the Excise Department said.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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