MR supporters attacked me at Galle Face - Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa responding to several questions made by media in regard to his visit at the struggle area in front the Temple Trees and the Presidential Secretariat on Monday evening said that he was compelled to go there with some Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) members to see the destruction caused to peaceful demonstrators by saboteurs.

He said it was his sole duty as the Opposition Leader to see the welfare of people who become victims during catastrophic situations.

“But, me and the other SJB members who visited the struggle area to see the welfare of demonstrators were attacked by the state sponsored hooligans and thugs, “he said.

Premadasa further said he completely ignored this unfortunate incident as he visited the struggle area with the SJB members to see people who are demanding the President and the Prime Minister to resign and also voicing their grievances against the Government’s inability of resolving the escalating prices of essential commodity items, services and also to stop unending queues where people are waiting to buy fuel, gas and many other essential goods.

He also said that the hired thugs and hooligans had a meeting with Prime Minister a few minutes before the attack started against the peaceful demonstrators who were opposite the Temple Trees and the Presidential Secretariat.

Premadasa also said Police had not taken timely action to prevent both attacks made by hooligans against the demonstrators.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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