Mehbooba Mufti doubts police claim of neutralising TV-actress Amreen Bhat's killers


Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti raises doubts on the Police claim of neutralising two Lashker Terrorists responsible for the gruesome murder of TV actress in Chadura Kashmir. Mehbooba held BJP government responsible for the unstable situation in Kashmir.

Former J-K CM visited the family of Amreen Bhat to express sympathy with the bereaved family. Mehbooba Mufti while talking to reporters at the residence of Amreen Bhat, instead of condemning the terrorists for gruesome murder held government of India and BJP responsible for the unstable situation in Kashmir.

Mehbooba Mufti said that “central government’s muscular policy has further deteriorated the situation here, and they are propagating everything is fine in Jammu and Kashmir”.

Mehbooba said “situation is worse in Jammu Kashmir, everyday innocents are being killed and unfortunately BJP government is looking at the situation through the prism of security and faith, they think if muslims are getting killed let them be”.

Mehbooba mufti also raised questions on the police claim of killing two Lashker terrorists responsible for the murder of Amreen Bhat, she said “this is really confusing every time when something happened, with-in no time it’s being said those responsible have been killed”.


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