Meet Dr Anil Kumar, an Entrepreneur turned Philanthropist

People chase their goals in life for a purposeful journey, this world eyes on a person’s money power but not on their hearty deeds. People consume superficial characteristics rather than the virtue that’s deep-seated within them. Chairman of Ankita Group of companies, Dr Anil Kumar is someone who has emerged to be one of the most generous people who is selflessly serving the people. Not only is he a dedicated philanthropist, but he also is a successful businessman. 

Dr Anil Kumar, the founder of Ankita Overseas has also been trumping the realm of Agri-business in India. His company has transformed many methods of agriculture and farming in India. Entrepreneur turned philanthropist, has also helped people to the best of his capacity during the difficult phase of Covid-19. He was 24*7 on the ground, distributing essential things like Hygiene kits, Gloves, PPE kits, and sanitizers to the victims of the Pandemic.

“There are uncountable ways to make a contribution towards people who need upliftment in today’s world. A

nyone can be a philanthropist if they give their talent, time, money, or skills towards taking care of the society. I encourage more and more people to take part in supporting the people of our nation by making reasonable donations and laying a helping hand in their health, rights, and educational needs. It is also a very prominent way to give back what you have received,” the business maestro, Dr Anil Kumar shared his views on social welfare.

It would not be wrong to say that Dr Anil Kumar is a complete talent package as the man is an astute entrepreneur alongside being a philanthropist at heart. He has made a name for himself starting from taking charge of the now internationally acclaimed marketing and trading company, Ankita Overseas. The man, post proving his entrepreneurial skills, is now

 determined to help the society and community in best of his capacities. F

or his work and devotion, Dr Kumar has also been nominated for various welfare awards. Kumar is an activist who also owns an NGO named ‘Maheshwari Laxmi Memorial Foundation’ which focuses on educating girls, empowering Indian women, and making them financially independent. He also owns an elderly hospital for underprivileged and disabled people, and these are just a few examples of Dr Kumar’s generous work.

Dr Anil Kumar is the man of the hour as he has been felicitated at several charity events and functions

 for his great work in community services and for his constant contributions to society. He was also honoured with the International Service Pride Awards 2022 on March 29, 2022, at Hotel The Lalit, New Delhi. 

Dr Anil Kumar, through his work, has proved that humanity still exists and there are people who are willing to go beyond their way to uplift the society and to contribute towards nation-building.


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