Luis Ruelas Grilled on Abuse Claims, Bizarre Shirtless Videos And Reveals He Was Fired on RHONJ Reunion

As the househusbands joined the group for Tuesday’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion, Teresa Giudice’s fiancé Luis “Louie” Ruelas was put in the hot seat and forced to answer for some of the allegations to come up about him throughout the season.

Throughout the season, “weird” videos of Luis and a group of male friends shirtless at a so-called “warrior camp” were a topic of conversation amongst the cast, as were reports claiming his own family thought he was “bad news,” “sex obsessed” and just a “horrible dude.” While he attempted to explain the video at one point — calling it a breakup video for an ex — that explanation didn’t sit well with the cast.

“When you were asked to explain the video, you claimed it was a breakup video but in the video you actually proposed, so what was it?” asked Andy Cohen after all the men came out on stage.

“I was in a relationship, it was toxic and my business partner was going to this retreat. So I said, ‘Let’s go.’ And we weren’t naked on the beach. We were in gym shorts, because they kept sending us in and out of the ocean. Going in and out of the ocean, they made the guys set intentions for their wives,” Ruelas explained. “I was a single guy, so I made this intention to this woman I was dating. I was trying to break up, but I didn’t have the guts to do it. So when I went there, they made me commit to her and basically said, ‘Stop making excuses,’ and I committed to her.”

He added that when he came home, she “gave me a prenup, she asked for $1 million to get married” and that was the end of their relationship. Both Joe Gorga and Margaret Josephs — who kept bringing the video up to get him to respond during the season — applauded him for how he finally explained it this time.

“I was trying to help you flip public opinion because I didn’t want you to look bad,” Josephs added. “This is a very clear explanation. Public opinion was not good. Unfortunately, it didn’t get flipped.”

Louie said that while Teresa “never told me to deny anything” throughout the season, she did tell him, “You don’t have to answer to anybody.” He added, “I kept saying to her, ‘You have to let me speak.’ If I had a chance to speak, it would have been different.”

Andy then got into some of the other allegations out there about Ruelas.

“You seem to have a lot of women that you’ve dated who have unkind things to say about you,” said Cohen. “There’s road rage incidents, you demand sex all the time, emotionally abusive, slashed a girlfriend’s tire, your family doesn’t like you, physical abuse in front of kids. Is any of it true?”

“We were basically in toxic relationships. When you’re in toxic relationships, it felt emotionally abusive to me, but I’m not gonna label it that way,” Louie responded. When asked whether he demanded sex four times a day, he said, “I can’t have sex four times a day” — before Teresa added, “I wish!”

As for his alleged domestic violence record, Ruelas said that “two incidents have come up recently, and those were arguments with my wife over my children when we were getting divorced.” He added, “If I’m the only guy in America that basically had arguments with his wife and she walks into the house and calls the police. That’s the extent of it.”

When asked if he hit her, Luis said no. “Was I a perfect human being, absolutely not,” he added.

“Teresa didn’t want me to say this but they let me go from my company from all the negative stuff that came up in the press because of all my exes out there,” he then revealed. “They called me up and said, ‘You have to step down,’ and that really sucked. So I don’t have any bad feelings toward anyone but I want to move forward in a really peaceful manner.”

Teresa, however, said she was “upset” and started ripping Margaret for what she “f—ing did all year long” by bringing up the allegations on the show. “Karma’s a bitch, I cannot stand you,” Teresa added, as Margaret said, “That is so sick.” As Andy kept trying to interrupt and asked Luis how he felt, the two women kept hitting back and forth at each other — leaving Andy exclaiming “SHUT UP!” at both ladies.

After Cohen regained control of the panel, Luis reiterated that he doesn’t blame Margaret at all.

“No, it’s not your fault, everybody’s doing their job, everybody’s talking about what’s going on, what’s being put out there,” he said. “I’m in a very uncomfortable situation. Just in the future, let’s try to communicate if we can. I don’t want trauma in my life.”

As Margaret apologized, Teresa kept saying it was all her fault — causing Luis to whisper to Guidice, “You’re really making a mistake by the way you’re behaving” as he and all the men left the stage.

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