Lock Upp: Here are the top 6 finalists of Kangana Ranaut's 'Badass Jail'

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India’s leading OTT show ‘Lock Upp’ is truly one of the most entertaining shows with its unique concept and various twist and turns. The show has managed to keep its audiences on the edge of their seat with its unpredictable situations and surprises. The show has witnessed many emotions, from fights to friendships, laughs, breakdowns, etc. The contestants have had a rollercoaster journey in the show. Let’s look at the journey of the Top 6 contestants.

He has surely entertained the audiences with his game. From doing mimicry to creating his slogans and Shayaris, Shivam has cherished the show’s atmosphere. Shivam aka Boom Baam became the first contestant to win the ticket to the finale and has been one of the best entertainers in the show.

Prince Narula needs no introduction. He entered the show as the troublemaker and has successfully created enough trouble in the lives of the contestants. He has changed the scenario in the house with all the powers. With his brilliant performance and the correct mindset, he became the second finalist in the show.

Azma Fallah is known as the Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka in the show. Known for creating disputes between the contestants, she has managed to mark her presence in the show. We have seen different shades of Azma in the show – from her fights with other contestants to her hitting on Prince Narula and the guard of the show.  

Munawar Faruqui is one of those contestants who is the most loved by the audiences for his game planning and his simplicity in the show. With his charm, he has also impressed the Queen – Kangana Ranaut. Munawar has had a roller coaster journey in the show with his friends playing against him in one of the recent tasks. He was also seen revealing his darkest untold secrets in the show and overcoming those. Munawar’s bond with Anjali is what fans have loved calling them Munjali. 

The Kacha Badaam girl has amazed audiences with her journey in the show. She has emerged as a tough competitor in the show, often seen standing up for his friends to play the game for herself. Anjali has evolved within the course of her journey in the show, and we have seen different shades of her personality. From her fight with Payal to changing the game and playing for herself, she is a true entertainer.

Known for being strong-headed and opinionated, Payal is one of the toughest contestants in the show. Payal has seen various ups and downs in the journey and revealed a lot of her secrets in the show. She was often seen getting into fights with her co-kaidis in the show. It will be interesting to see if she will take the winner title home or will get locked out of the show.

ALTBalaji and MX Player live-stream Lock Upp 24×7 on their respective platforms and allow audiences to interact directly with the contestants. Stay tuned to ALTBalaji & MX Player for more updates on the show. 

‘Lock Upp’ started streaming live on ALTBalaji & MX Player on 27th February 2022.


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