Litro says new shipment coming, US$ 6.5 mn paid

Laugfs Gas said that they will be able to issue LP Gas cylinders to the local market within the next six days as a result of succeeding in opening the Letters of Credit.

The company said they will be able to issue gas cylinders in the next few days.

Laugfs stopped issuing LPG to the local market which left many Laugfs Gas users stranded.

This led to a severe shortage of LP Gas in the market with Litro being the only supplier.

Litro Gas has not issued gas to the market over the past several days. Despite announcements by Litro urging the public not to queue up for gas, long queues were witnessed throughout the country.Yesterday was the third day that Litro Gas was not released to the market. Litro Gas announced earlier this week that US$ 6.5 million had been paid for a consignment of 7,500 metric tonnes of gas and a 3,500 metric tonne shipment was expected yesterday. It is believed that this gas consignment would be distributed to the public by Saturday.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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