Kylie Jenner Honored Virgil Abloh With Her Met Gala Look

Kylie Jenner paid tribute to Virgil Abloh at the 2022 Met Gala with a look designed by his Off-White team, in a gown called “Poetry Dress” — taking inspiration from one of Virgil’s final designs.

The 24-year-old Kylie Cosmetics mogul took to Instagram to honor the late designer, who passed away in November at age 41 after a private two-year battle with cancer.

“Virgil and I were supposed to go to the Met together before it got postponed in 2020,” Jenner’s caption began in a post featuring a series of images of the look.

See her posts, some of which won’t embed properly, here.

“To celebrate V tonight and his incredible legacy truly means the world to me,” she added. “I’m humbled to wear this dress and honor my talented beautiful friend. We felt you tonight Virgil and love you forever ♾ & thank u to the entire @off____white team !!”

Jenner’s celebrity friends flocked to the comments to share their heart-warming messages, Jen Atkin wrote, “That is so special Ky,” and makeup artist Ariel commented, “This made me tear up.. He would have been so proud to see you in this moment! You looked beautiful!”

At the time of his death the Kardashian-Jenners took to Instagram to honor Abloh to share their disbelief over his passing. Kendall Jenner shared a long tribute to the designer where she displayed gratitude for the privilege of knowing him.

“I can’t believe i’m writing this,” the supermodel began. “If you had the privilege of knowing Virgil, you were one of the lucky ones. he was the kindest, most positive, humble, joyful, and full of light person i have ever known. he had the most wonderful way of making you feel so special. his genuine smile would warm your heart. to battle his illness privately perfectly explains the type of man he was, he never wanted anyone to worry about him.”

“We have lost a dear friend. no words do my feelings justice at this very moment, but what i can say is that i am absolutely heartbroken. for his family, his kids, his wife, and anyone who cared for him deeply,” Kendall continued. “V taught me and all of us a very important lesson, although he knew he had only so long, he was bright, he was kind & he was full of love. we all need a little bit of Virgil in us. he leaves us with his influence, to create and change the world. you did just that Virg. our angel here on earth, is now above us.”

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