Key hearing on Kashi Vishwanath Temple-Gyanvapi masjid issue today

New Delhi:

The hearing in the ongoing case regarding the Gyanvapi masjid and the Kashi Vishwanath Temple issue will be heard again today. It is reported that a new date for the court survey can be fixed during today’s hearing. Apart from this, the court will also hear a petition seeking the replacement of the commissioner today.

According to reports, the matter will be heard in a Varanasi court at around 2 pm.

After the hearing today, it will be decided whether the court commissioner will be Ayaz Mishra or someone else. During the hearing, the plaintiffs filed a new application and asked to remove those who are preventing them from entering the mosque. Now this will also be heard today in which the Masjid Committee will present its side.

In the court, the litigants have demanded videography and photography by breaking the lock of the basement inside the barricading including the Gyanvapi mosque. On the other hand, the advocates of Anjuman Insanjariya Masajid Committee sought time from the court to file the objection.

Earlier on Monday, Rakhi Singh, one of the five prominent women petitioners, made it clear that she will not withdraw her case. Rakhi Singh had surprised everyone by announcing the withdrawal of the case on Sunday. But Rakhi Singh’s lawyer Shivam Gaur called it a mere rumour. Shivam Gaur said that Rakhi Singh will not withdraw the case and as the counsel for the chieftain, he will lead the case.


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