Julie Stoffer Reveals Why She's No Longer a Mormon on Real World Homecoming: New Orleans

After already being confronted by Danny Roberts, Melissa Beck and Tokyo Broom this season on “The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans,” Julie Stoffer seems to have invited more wrath her way on the latest episode from two more sources: The Mormon church and her own husband!

During her initial appearance on the show back in 2000, Stoffer’s storyline largely revolved around her Mormon upbringing and questioning her faith after moving to New Orleans and experiencing the, well, real world. In 2022, a lot has changed.

On Wednesday’s new hour, Stoffer’s husband of 17 years, Spencer, stopped by the house for a visit. It was awkward timing for some of her roommates, since the day before she had just opened up about how costar Jamie Murray was the person who gave her her first orgasm and was a big part of her sexual awakening. Jamie, however, said he wouldn’t let it bother him.

Viewers then learned Julie and Spencer met at church when she was 24 and he was 27. They currently live in Wisconsin with their three biological children and one foster child.

Almost immediately after his arrival, the cast was called to the “couch of doom,” where they watched a clip reel of Julie’s time on the show and how it affected and “challenged” her Mormon upbringing. She, of course, knew the subject would come up and explained that after being on the show, she actually “adhered harder to Mormonism” because so many people assumed she’d leave the church. She then dropped a bombshell on some of them, saying she stayed a Mormon for eight years after “The Real World” before she and her husband — who she met in a Mormon marriage preparation class — “finally cut the cord.”

“You’re not Mormon anymore?” asked Melissa, clearly echoing some of her roommates’ thoughts.

“No. We left the Mormon church in 2008. I think the core reason was we just didn’t believe the gospel of the Mormon church,” Julie explained. “Some people, they’re Mormon but they only pick some of the things in Mormonism to believe, ‘I’m not going to believe in the racist parts, the misogynist parts, the homophobic parts.’ The thing that was so problematic for me is these religions are creating an unsafe world for someone like [gay roommate] Danny, for women. It’s an all or nothing kind of faith.”

While they didn’t raise their children Mormon, Julie and Spencer revealed that many of their familiar members still practice the faith and it has caused “a deep hurt” in Julie’s family “that I won’t be with them in heaven.” She went on to say that by “publicly denouncing Mormonism” now on the show, it was something that could be seen as “more grievous than murder.”

“This is the sin. It’s not a sin, it’s the sin. We have family that’s going to feel the fallout from this. We might get excommunicated from the Mormon church because this is a public betrayal of the gospel,” Julie continued. “I’ve never come out publicly as not being Mormon because of the gravity of it. Even though I don’t believe it anymore, there’s a part of me that is like, what does this mean for my family because they now know that I’m going to Outer Darkness, which is worse than hell, saved for people like me who publicly were against the faith.”

Stoffer said the main catalyst for her decision to step away from the church was becoming pregnant with the couple’s first child, a girl. She said it “didn’t sit right with me” that she would be raising her daughter the same way she was raised and made her question things she’d always been questioning with a larger “sense of urgency.”

“That was a big moment for me to have to really look at myself and say, you have to take a responsibility not just for what you believe but for these children that you’re now taking responsibility for in this world,” she explained.

With that, the Mormon talk was over and we didn’t see much of a reaction from her roommates, other than Kelley Limp wondering whether Julie had considered the gravity and implications of her televised statements before making them. It remains to be seen whether she has been excommunicated.

After that, things got weird.

First, Julie and Spencer were spotted making out in the communal hot tub, before setting up a fort outside on the patio where they appeared to start having sex — or at least some heavy petting. Kelly called it weird in a confessional, while Melissa remarked on how much noise they were making. “I am sex positive. I don’t think I’m some kind of dirty pervert up in here,” exclaimed Stoffer in her own confessional — adding, “This is my husband I love him and I missed him really badly.”

He left the next day, but shortly after taking off Julie got a call from her husband. He was apparently livid about … wait for it … activity on their joint Spotify account.

“Suddenly I get this 9-1-1 urgent text and a phone call from Spencer. Spencer is freaking out right now,” explained Julie, since his call wasn’t put on speakerphone. “He finally tells me that he had opened up our shared Spotify account and he sees a new playlist that he didn’t recognize called ‘Roping’ and Jamie is added on this playlist. Then he started reading the song titles and started thinking too hard about them.”

The song titles included things like “Bang” and “Sweet Talk” and Julie was seen telling her husband there was nothing more to the lyrics and he was being insane.

“Why would I do it on our shared Spotify account if it was something nefarious? Come on, I’m not a total moron. You don’t need to turn around. Nothing has happened, nothing will happen, there is nothing for you to worry about,” she tried assuring him. “I have told you everything you need to know. I have told you ever detail down to the gritty gory of the extent to which I have ever touched him. Nothing more has ever happened. And I am not going to fly home.”

She said in a confessional that the situation was “spiraling out of control” and explained she believed Spencer was “jealous Jamie gets to live in that house with me and spend time with me.” After that call, she spent even more time with Murray, however, and was seen getting totally wasted with him in the house later that evening — ticking off all the roommates with their behavior and ignoring some of Spencer’s calls at the same time.

We’ll see how this all irons out when new episodes of “The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans” drop Thursdays on Paramount+.

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