'Israeli' actor Tsahi Halevi hails India for creativity while mocking India-Israel's first co-production

New Delhi: 

Israeli actor and singer Tsahi Halevi of ‘Fauda’ fame have praised India for its creativity while teasing his involvement in the first co-production between the two countries.

The actor is visiting India for the first time to commemorate 30 years of India-Israel diplomatic relations. Interacting with the media, he said he’s been “trying to meet as much people from the industry whether its actors or producers, just to see how we can work together.”

‘Fauda’, which depicts the two-sided story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is a Netflix series which has had a successful run in India.

Speaking about it, Tsahi Halevi said, “I think Fauda is a hit in India. We get a lot of social media feedback from India. We had great feedback from India. It is a great opportunity to understand Indian television and cinema.”

Later during the conversation, Halevi teased the upcoming co-production by saying, “I am kind of involved in the first co-production between India and Israel. I truly hope to push it forward and hopefully sooner than later we will get to create something together.”

“I believe that where there is creativity, and I know in India there is a lot. 

I know that the Indian industry, whether it is TV or cinema, has a lot of experience and is always creating new stuff, hence it will be amazing to collaborate,” he added.

As per Deadline, ‘Fauda’ has been executive produced by Lior Raz, and Avi Issacharoff with Rotem Shamir serving as the director. Noah Stollman, Michal Aviram, Yuval Yefet, Maayan Oz and Sari Azoulay Turgeman are the writers. 

(This is an ANI story. Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by News24.)


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